Invisible Braces

Having a beautiful straight smile is truly an asset. After all, your smile is one of the first things people notice about you in both social and professional situations. At Ricardo Suarez, DDS, we offer several different orthodontic options to meet the various lifestyle needs of our patients.

Whatever age or stage you are at in life, you don’t have to live with misaligned teeth. Talk to us to arrange an appointment for an examination, and Dr. Suarez can go over your options.

Straight Teeth without the Metal Wires and Brackets

When most people think about undergoing treatment to straighten their teeth, they immediately picture an adolescent with a mouth full of metal. While traditional orthodontics have their place, this isn’t the only way to straighten crooked, gapped, or overlapped teeth.

Older teens and adults who might feel self-conscious with traditional braces now have options. We offer invisible braces by both Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Both use clear plastic aligners to move teeth into the proper position—no metal required!

The Advantages of Invisible Braces

For older teens and adults who dread the thought of committing to years of traditional orthodontic treatment, invisible braces offer an excellent alternative. The clear plastic aligners used with both Invisalign and ClearCorrect are discreet, so most people will be unaware any orthodontic treatment is even taking place.

We can usually straighten teeth in less time with clear plastic aligners, with average treatment times between 12 and 15 months rather than the years it often takes with traditional orthodontics. The clear plastic aligners are also more comfortable, with no potential wires or brackets rubbing up against the soft tissues of the mouth.

Because the clear plastic aligners are removed for meals, there are no food restrictions with either Invisalign or ClearCorrect. Patients also take out the aligners for cleaning their teeth, so it is easier to keep up with oral hygiene.

Unlike with traditional orthodontics, which requires regular adjustments, there are fewer visits to the dentist during treatment, making it easier on adults with busy schedules.

Traditional Orthodontics

While traditional orthodontics is no longer the only way to straighten misaligned teeth, they still have their place. They remain one of the most reliable ways to achieve an excellent outcome—particularly for more complex cases.

With traditional orthodontics, we’ll use the requisite brackets and wires to move teeth into their ideal position with periodic adjustment appointments.

We evaluate most children around the age of seven to determine whether early orthodontic intervention might be needed. Most kids won’t get braces until they are older, but we can often intervene early to help adult teeth to erupt properly.

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Whatever your age, you don’t need to go through life with teeth that are not aligned properly. Find out about the best orthodontic option for your lifestyle. Call Dr. Suarez today to make an appointment for an evaluation.

We look forward to improving your smile!